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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Philam Asset Management Inc. bags six awards from PIFA

Philam Asset Management Inc., (PAMI), the asset management arm of Philam Life, once again received acclaim as one of the country’s leading fund management companies after bagging six awards at the Philippine Investment Fund Association (PIFA) 10th Annual Awards Night.

The country’s mutual fund industry association, PIFA, in its annual awards recognizes the top performing mutual funds in terms of returns for one-year, three-year, five-year and ten-year periods.

The PAMI Horizon Fund, Inc. won first place in the 10-year return, peso-denominated balanced fund category. PAMI’s other peso-denominated balanced fund, the Philam Fund, Inc., won second place under the 10-year return in the same asset-class category.

The Philam Managed Income Fund, Inc. won 2nd Place in both the 3-year and 5-year return under the Money Market Fund Category.

Meanwhile, under the dollar-denominated Bond Fund category, the Philam Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. won third place in the 1-year return and second place in the 10-year return.

Philam Life and PAMI receive citations from The Asset

In addition to its awards from PIFA, Philam Life/ Philam Asset Management Inc., was cited as among the Top 5 Investment Houses for 2016 by The Asset, earning the recognition for three years now. This reflects the company’s investments expertise and sound management of its financial assets.

“We are proud to have sustained our place in the local financial markets as a credible and prudent institutional investor supporting market liquidity while upholding ethical standards in securities trading,” said Arleen May Guevara, Philam Life Chief Investment Officer. 

Two Philam fund managers were also recognized as among the Most Astute Investors in Asian Local Currency Bonds from the Philippines for 2016: 
Kathrina Dizon

Kathrina Dizon, Philam Life deputy head of fixed income securities trading office, ranked # 3 in the top 10 ranking.
Katherine Castelo

Katherine Castelo, Philam Asset Management Inc. head of fixed income portfolio management,was recognized as among the Highly Commended. Both have been recognized by The Asset as top ranked for more than three consecutive years.

The ranking for the Most Astute Investors in Asian Local Currency Bonds is based on nominations received from nearly 500 top-rated individuals including analysts, economists and strategists, salespeople and traders in Asian local currency bonds. The nominations were based on their knowledge of the credits and markets, trading skill and acumen in making investment decisions. Based on the nominations received, the top ten Astute Investors with the highest weighted score are ranked by geographic location. The next ten names are considered in the ‘Highly Commended’ category.

The ranking for the top five investment houses in Asian local currency bonds is based on the number of votes received from the top-rated analysts, economist and strategists, salespeople and traders, for
investors in these institutions. Around 280 different institutions across the region including asset managers, insurance companies, banks and securities firms were evaluated to create the 2016 ranking.

The recognition is given by the Asset Publishing and Research Ltd., an integrated multi-media company serving the elite community of leading corporate and financial decision makers in Asia.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Calling all magkapangalan, Enjoy a Free Chicken McDo when you dine at McDonald’s today!

Carlo or Karlo. Mark or Marc. Mary, Merry, or Marie.

Do you know someone who has the same name as you? You and your friend are in for a treat if you share the same name, even if they are not spelled with the same set of letters!

Enjoy FREE 1PC Chicken McDo a la carte for you and your namesake on September 27,Tuesday, 2:00 PM to 3:00PM in select participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. Simply bring a valid ID with photo to prove that you and your companion have the same name or similar sounding name.

Mark your calendar and invite your friend for this special treat. You can’t resist saying, “McMcMc-Masarap!” with every bite of McDonald’s best-tasting chicken that is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection! This offer is valid for dine-in only. Check for complete details.

Now you can have fun not only by calling each other in the same name but also by tasting the juicier and tastier Chicken McDo.

See you Carlo, Karlo, Mary, Marie, Jayson, Jason, Liza, Lisa, Lieza, Paulo, Paolo, and friends!

Don’t forget to post your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with #PaChickenMcDo.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Retro Living Room Ideas and Decor Inspirations from the Class of PSID 2016

When I stepped inside the PSID Gallery booths. It brought memories from the past, back from my high school days to the early 90s. I never appreciate art then, but I have been to some of the best interior home design to say the least, from my friends to classmates and relatives.  The nostalgia and effect of the "past" booth made a lasting recall and I am wishing someone would take me back to my past to relive and tweak it to a happier now with a Warren Platner design inspired living room in mind.

PSID Advanced Classed of 2016 launches Past, Present and Future and took us to a journey of timeline of design, trends and styles through ”Evolution" last September 22 at the Square Building, Greenfield District, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

To the Past, Present and Future booths that I have checked out, I have my personal favorite which is the Warren Platner booth because of its retro style back to the 60s vibe. The look of the decade is reminiscent to the Beatles era with its splash of salmon, flame and mint colors.

If you are in for a retro vibe, now is the time to inject a hint of retro charm into your living room. Colors like salmon and purple makes chic and fashionable, simple retro decor can often make a big difference to the ambiance of any living space. Which makes me want to build my own house now inspired of course from the Warren Platner booth of the Past.

Warren Platner was an American architect and interior designer that produced a furniture collection that has proved to be a continuing icon of 1960s modernism. He is also famed with designing several prominent interiors in New York City, including headquarters offices for the Ford Foundation building and the original Windows on the World restaurant, atop the World Trade Center.

The look of the decade from which the renowned interior designer, Warren Platner, came from displays boldness in shapes, colors and patterns. It traces us back to the 'midcentury cool theme during the 1960s, brought to Dining Room today; showing that the Retro Style is highly applicable in todays setting. The strategical play of the different design elements creates a perfect balance between a vivacious and a warm, inviting atmosphere-perfect for a more interesting, spiced up contemporary space. This booth is for the young and the young at heart, adventurous go-getters. See how the designers have evolved retro styling with, .

1. It makes the room bright, lively and exciting with just the right tints, tones and shades-it is, 

2. Toned down by the other design elements brought out by the wood and tl-ie bricks, of which      communicated the warm and welcoming feel of the room througli. its texture.

3. The lights add more personality to the room and complete the retro-feel together with the creative repurposed objects such as the luggages used as shelves, retro cameras as wall sconces and the wall mounted television with a retro-frame fixed. 

4. Finally, the touch of elegance and luxury does it all for a graceful glam by the steel wire works of Platner. Inspired from his design style, we also did an open plan from which xou can see the entire area already, and a picture window witli a seat attached to the niche, from which is inspired by his work, 'Windows on the World" atop World Trade Center. The drop ceiling designed in a symmetrical curve breaks the rigid wood slats making an entire soft yet striking look-paired with circular drop ceiling with a sky window on center. Lighter shades of wood used on chevron flooring for more controlled patterns just right and suitable for the room.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts:' (Aristotle).

All of which shows personality and sentimental value put together in an interior piece. Studied work and well calculated ergonomics, color matters, materials and methods put together the Retro Dining Room for the young and successful fashion entrepreneur and influencer, Yoyo Cao. It's for a very adventurous, creative, and assertive person like you, too.



The second favorite is a Finn Juhl inspired booth from the Past, because Im a sucker to retro design and feel. This booth is worth instagrammable with the splashes of color and design.   If youre a travel blogger, this booth will inspire you.

The approach of Finn Juhl design has been deeply inspired from the 45 chair which breaks the traditional upholstered armrests or which breaks from the tradition of upholstered armrests. Without the armrest, Finn Juhl was able to give function and comfort to the chair because of its curves.

"We feel strongly about its symbolism that we decided for it to became our inspiration for our floor plan . Our color scheme focused on earthy colors following the notion of Finn Juhl's style and furniture to be organic. A minimalist, we also reflected Finn Juhl's simple but sublime style in our design of the den . The simple yet well thought-of design from Finn Juhl translates and inspires our modern den".


The dynamic nature of design through the past, present and future is the centerpiece of "Evolution,” the graduation exhibit of the Philippine School of Interior Design

(PSlD) Advanced Class of 2016, slated from September 29-October 31, 2016 at the Square Building, Greenfield District, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. in celebration of PSlD’s 49th year, ”Evolution" will take exhibit guests on a journey through a timeline of design trends, styles and designs from past, present, and future.

Mounted in cooperation with Devant, Uratex, Boysen, Hafele, Bosch, Blanco Germany, Gorenje, Dexterton, La Europa Ceramica, Songdream, Nordlux, Matimco, AG Murals, Mity Mike, Larry’s Curtain, Mainline, Fineza, and Ilaw Atbp, the exhibit is set to showcase 24 exquisitely~ designed spaces that represent different time periods and various inspiration from the past, the present, and the future.

Vintage trends and classic designs take center stage in the Past gallery. Showcasing how mid-century design styles have influenced today’s interior design standards, the Past gallery will take exhibit-goers through a trip down memory lane with looks inspired by the 1940s to the 1970s. Booths will capture the essence of illustrious designers from this time period such as Finn Juhl, Eero Aarnio, Alvar Aalto, Eero Saarinen, Charles Eames, Hans Wegner, Warren Platner, and Arne Jacobsen.

Meanwhile, the Present gallery breathes new life to timeless design styles and gives mm a contemporary spin. Classic styles meet modern trends in an up-to date gallery that will scuss the eclectic nature of present-day design. Styles such as Tropical, Filipino, Japanese, Mediterranean, Chinese, Moorish, Victorian, and Baroque are presented in an unexpected yet elegant fusion.

Giving exhibit-goers a glimpse of what's to come in design is the Future Gallery. The student designers have conducted thorough research to come up with fearless forecasts on what the future of design looks like based on the trends today.  Promising possible trends to be covered include Avant Garde Industrial, Tech and Trendy, Metallic Glam, Rustic Luxe, Eclectic elegance,  Organic Opulence, Design Deconstructed, and Funk Art.

Evolution” is a carefully planned, extensively researched exhibit that marks the countdown to PSlD's 50th anniversary in 2017. For decades now, PSID has been known to produce groundbreaking exhibits that become the benchmark of interior design shows in the academe, and are considered go-to events for architects, fellow interior designers, design enthusiasts, and the general public to learn more about world-class Filipino design and see innovative interiors come to life. PSID brings interior design a notch higher each year, presenting exhibits that challenge the graduating batch to showcase their repertoire of design skills and the PSID mark of excellence.

Friday, September 23, 2016

CustomThread launches first all-inclusive Beta Website for customizing apparel

Now that Christmas is fast approaching and you are still thinking on what to give your friends, relatives or co employees. How about some personalized/customized printed T-shirts, towel, or jacket with their names, movie lines or just about anything you have in mind that you want to be printed.

CustomThread recently launched their Beta Website last September 17 at  CustomThread HQ with a 1,400 square meter factory, the world’s best printing machines, and a digitally-controlled production system located at. Bgy Don Antonio, QC. The launch was attended by CustomThread CEO Erik Sy, Sales Director Roxy Roco, executives and bloggers. We had our day tour at CustomThread which featured their printing machine imported from Germany and the traditional silk screen printing machine.

CustomThread is a fashion-tech startup that takes customizing apparel to a whole new level. Take control of steps from design creation to global delivery in their newly launched website--wherein you can shop during your lunch break.  Inspired by a “Google way of thinking,” that uphold a progressive company culture and this translates to staff who balance purpose and professionalism.

From T-shirts, jackets, sportswear, corporate uniforms, to casual outfits, CustomThread offer personalized designs whether you’re ordering one or one million pieces. Provide your logo or design or create your own. Its build-your-own design app let’s you customize fonts, images, to colors of sleeves. Pick from staff's technologies according to your needs (basic colors, patterns on swimwear, embroidery on sweaters). Want to promote your photography or art? CT have the newest printing technology called Kornit Direct to Garment (DTG) for high quality printing of images and multiple colors. Making budget projections? Use their real time cost estimate “calculator.”

What if you want to sell apparel? Whether raising funds for a non-profit or launching a fashion brand, you’ll need an online address. Fundr is an online platform for solving your “how to start an online shop” questions. With just a few clicks, you can start selling customized apparel, tracking sales, and collecting profit with no upfront cost. All of these come together in their newly launched website, the Philippines’ first all-inclusive platform for customizing, producing and selling apparel.

To schedule an interview with their CEO or a factory tour, please contact
Darlene Co at (02) 364-8677 / 0908-8855081 /

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Platinum Karaoke presents the Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke with Alden and Maine

Admit it, you have grabbed that microphone once and sang your heart out in a karaoke, if you have the talent to sing then fine but if you want to improve your present singing voice. Here are 6 other tips to help you sing better. Source:

1.  Believe in Yourself - The Foundation Of Great Singing

If you don't believe in yourself, no one will. Your singing must ring true. You must be confident if you expect to sing with the best voice possible.

2.  . Open the Mouth to Sing With a More Powerful and Confident Voice

With the mouth barely open, your singing tone will remain suppressed or hidden-sounding. You must create enough space for the sound to come out.

3.    Breath Control: Learn to Breathe Correctly

Belly breathing, or diaphragmatic breathing, is essential to a better sounding singing voice.

4.   Activate Your Resonators: About Your Resonating System

When you sing, you want to discover just how to activate all of your resonators. Your resonators are the mouth, nasal passages, chest, and head areas.
Sing Songs That are Within Your Comfort Zone (Range)

This tip is very important -- it can make all the difference when auditioning or performing.

Some singers find it easier to sing very high tones, while others are comfortable in the middle range and still others love singing dark, lower sounds.

5.   Sing Songs That are Within Your Comfort Zone (Range)

This tip is very important -- it can make all the difference when auditioning or performing.

Some singers find it easier to sing very high tones, while others are comfortable in the middle range and still others love singing dark, lower sounds.

6.    Sing Expressively

When you sing, breathe life into every musical phrase. Sing with feeling.

Platinum Karaoke launches Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke together with Celebrity Ambassadors "Aldub" Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza at Manila Peninsula Hotel on September 22. The launch was attended by Platinum executives and media.

Platinum Karaoke, makers of high quality and high definition karaoke machines and accessories
perfect for every home, has soared to the NEXT LEVEL with the launch of its new and exciting
product – the Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke, a major game changer in the karaoke industry.

Platinum Alpha is a portable karaoke that boasts of unique features, which will definitely bring one’s
karaoke experience to a whole new level. It comes with full HD capabilities that promise superb
video and high fidelity sound output quality. And being a 24Gb multimedia console, you can store
and watch your favorite movies and listen to your well-loved collection of songs.

It is developed as a Smart Karaoke that features browsing and surfing the net, and sharing your
phone’s display on the big screen, which makes the Alpha Mic Karaoke an all-in-one entertainment
package. What’s more, it’s portable and convenient to set up so you can enjoy your karaoke bonding
moments may it be outdoors, in picnics, at the beach or even road trips!

It is also the first ever karaoke unit that can be bank-powered or via USB port. And with over 17,000
collection of OPM and English songs, and 100 new song updates monthly, what more can you ask

And speaking of going to the next level, no one comes close to being most deserving of being
introduced as the newest brand ambassadors of Platinum’s Alpha Mic Karaoke than the hottest and
most sought after tandem in the country – Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, better known as
“ALDUB.” Like the brand, both embody an element of wholesome fun and entertainment with a vibe
that’s fresh and pulsating.

“Platinum Karaoke knows that Alden and Maine embody the same personality and vibe of the new Alpha Mic,” quipped Ruth Ana Bautista, Platinum's marketing assistant marketing manager. “Aside from that,both of them are also known to strengthen bonding relationships, having strong ties with their respective families, and attesting that karaoke is a big part of their momentous family bondings.”

And just like the Platinum Alpha Mic Karaoke, ALDUB is a truly a game changer. They are the
phenomenal love team that rocked afternoon television’s audience – nothing like anyone has ever
seen and experienced before. Their tandem is organic, fresh, believable and full of life. And this is
what continuously endears them to their fans.

After the anniversary of their famous characters and the launch of their first movie together, Alden
and Maine are set to reach a whole new level in their careers – next level as they would say. They are
still set to go to new heights and who knows, to a new level in their "love team" relationship.

Platinum Karaoke, is definitely ready for the next level as together with Alden Richards and Maine
Mendoza, it brings music to life and life to music! And with thousands of songs more than what its
competitors provide in the market, top brass sound quality and convenience, and with their array of
innovative and revolutionary products made available locally and globally, there is definitely no
other choice for these two amazing and inspiring performers.

Platinum Karaoke is available in all leading music stores nationwide. For more information or online orders, please visit, like The PlatinumKaraoke in Facebook and follow Twitter and Instagram accounts @platinumkaraoke.

Philam Life transforms the culture of customer service experience through SPARK

“Philam Life has always been the leading innovator in the life insurance industry. Among the roster of recent innovative transformation initiatives we have introduced is GENESIS by Philam Life, a modern state-of-the-art facility supported by technological tools and development programs which paved the beginning of a culture of excellence in the financial advisor practice.” said Philam Life CEO Ariel Cantos.
The latest addition is the opening of their first flagship store in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. SPARK by Philam Group derived its name from the light that has ignited a flame in transforming the culture of customer service experience.

“Our innovation this time focuses on giving our customers the best experience. We are transforming our customer service centers into one-stop shops to make sure we cater to their growing and differentiating needs in this fast-paced environment. What makes it different is that we have expanded our services to the entire Philam Group including agency, bancassurance and mutual fund business transactions”, Cantos added.

“This shows our commitment to make significant investments into setting new industry standards in
customer service and financial advisor practice in the country. We have the capacity to do this being the strongest life insurance company with solid foundation of consistent financial growth in key metrics that matter to our customers. ” he concluded.

SPARK by Philam Group is a state-of-the-art customer service center that offers fully digital and
personalized services. It serves as the pilot office of all the company’s flagship stores that will open soon in key cities nationwide.

SPARK makes use of technological platforms to make services faster and easier for customers amidst
the sleek interiors of a modern-day office. It showcases the company’s latest technological capabilities such as the online customer portal called e-Plan, the Agency Portal for Philam Life financial advisors; and My PAMI Investor Portal, for the company’s mutual fund customers.

The newly launched customer portal E-plan allows Philam Life clients to manage their policy details and transact, anytime and anywhere, transforming the level of customer service beyond the traditional face-to face transactions.

Philam Life’s Chief Life Operations Officer Richard Bracken said, “At Philam Life, we believe that everything should start and end with the customers. This portal has a human centric design, which means that this was designed by the customers for the customers. For example, one of our key findings revealed that 90% use mobile devices for online activities, so we have made e-Plan to be mobile optimized.”

With the help of our customers, Philam Life’s e-Plan has become the customer portal with the
most comprehensive digital platform in the market today.

To those who prefer face-to-face transactions, Spark has customer service representatives to help
customers with their inquiries and policy concerns. There are digital ambassadors who can guide them on the use of the digital platforms available in the center. In addition to that, an Advisor for the Day is present to conduct financial needs assessment to customers looking for solutions for their real life needs.

A special corner is dedicated to Philam Vitality – the first of its kind in the Philippines and the only fullscale wellness program offered by Philam Life to promote healthy living. Through Philam Vitality, members earn points, discounts, and rewards for living a healthier life.

Bracken said, “SPARK is the outcome of our extensive series of customer relationship studies that were devised to understand our customers in terms of ways to make it easier for them to do business with us. The key findings guided us in working our way to reinvent and improve the face of customer service.”