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Monday, January 16, 2017

Avail of COSMOSkin Glutathione at 50% discount at Watsons Big White Blowout and have a chance to win a brand -new iPhone 7!

Since my teenage years ,I’ve always been proud of my morena skin but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to get a bit fairer and have better skin!

It was in 2009 when I started taking Cosmo skin glutathione that was I think the time when glutathione pills became wildly popular and gluta drip or cocktails were still unheard of.

CosmoSkin was recommended by a friend for its whitening side effect but what got me hooked was its promise of being able to even my skin tone. After all, what good is getting whiter if you have uneven skin tone right?

I was in my early 40’s when I started taking it and I was really satisfied with the results. Unfortunately I had to stop taking Como Skin when I left for UAE in 2013. While in UAE I felt a bit weak and sickly, I thought it was because of the weather or because my body was still adjusting to the different work load.

CosmoSkin founder and Marketing Deirector Dr. Nino Bautista and CosmoSkin Ambassador Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez

When I came back a year later, however, I still felt the same, but thought it was just due to age. Last year was worse as I had to be treated for a number of ailments (UTI, stye etc..)and although thankfully I wasn’t confined to the hospital, it was still strange for me to get sick numerous times in a year.

I’ve become even more conscious of my diet, avoiding any fatty or oily food, and taking lots of vitamins and supplements but somehow I still felt something was missing.

A few months ago while shopping I saw CosmoSkin again and they were having this Buy 2 take 1 promo at Watsons SM Makati. So I bought two and began taking it again, and that’s when I realized that my body was actually missing Cosmo skin!

You may think it’s a bit far-fetched but somehow I felt like my old self when I began taking CosmoSkin again regularly, I felt stronger and less sickly and I also noticed a change in my skin.

After 3 months of taking it.  I never felt any discomfort in urinating. I stopped taking antibiotics for my UTI I also lost 4 pounds and felt better! I don’t know if its my body clock or the glutathione withdrawal. But the moment, I took Cosmoskin again, I felt better.

Yes CosmoSkin is not cheap, but having to go to the hospital and having to buy medicine is certainly a lot more costly.

Now the good news is Cosmoskin is a part of the Watsons Big White Blowout, and for those who are into Glutathione and whitening, its about time you drop by any Watsons branch and try Cosmoskin. Cosmoskin is having a 50% sale. You can buy one Cosmo Skin with free grapeseed at only php1035.00. 

So if you havent tried it this is the best time to get a bottle and try it out for yourself.

Watsons Big White Blowout also includes hundreds of other whitening products available ranging from whitening soaps, facial creams, body lotions, and deodorants to ingestibles and other skin care brands.

Also if you have an SM Advantage or BDO Rewards card you can have the chance to win a brand-new iPhone 7 as every PHP 500 purchase on whitening products earns you an e-raffle entry. So headover to the nearest Watsons store or The SM Store Beauty Section and be part of the biggest blowout to start the year!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Continuing its global commitment to ending hunger, KFC Philippines through its Add Hope initiative donated PHP6, 798,811.61 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The money raised will fund WFP’s School Meals Program, which provides hot, nutritious lunch meals to thousands of children from conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, enabling them to perform better in school.

Every child deserves a chance for a better tomorrow. Don’t let hunger stop them from making their dreams come true. Take part in adding hope to their future with your PHP10.

Visit any KFC store to drop your donations. For more information, visit

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kick-start your health with these items from Daiso, Japan!

Got more pounds than presents over the holidays? Time to put down that plate of leftover lechon and pick up a dumbbell. Committing to an exercise routine is a great way to usher in the new year not only to lose the holiday weight but more importantly, to keep fit and healthy.

Starting slowly with simple exercises is the best way to help you stay motivated. Daiso Japan
 offers plenty of fun fitness contraptions at affordable prices starting at P88 which you can use outdoors or at home. Pick one that suits your goal or get them all to introduce variations into your workout.

Water Dumbbells. These exercise tools are especially great for beginners. They are more joint-friendly but still do the job of building strength and working on different muscle groups. Do some dumbbell curls for toner biceps and stronger arms.

Hand grips and hand and ankle weights. A good hand grip says a lot about your personality and, as researchers say, your health. With our hands getting the most use and abuse on a daily basis, it’s only proper to give them some TLC. Improve your grip, tone forearms, and develop hand strength, endurance and flexibility using these contraptions. Daiso Japan sells hand grips available in 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg resistance.

Jump rope. Skipping rope might sound old school but it remains an effective method in burning calories. Jumping rope at a moderate rate, for instance, can burn 10 to 16 calories per minute or roughly 480 calories for half an hour of working the rope. It’s the perfect exercise on days when you don’t feel like running.

Armband for gadgets. Like listening to music while running? Before hitting the pavement, strap your smartphone on your arm with this nifty workout gear so you won’t have to fiddle with your hands to play good workout music. You can also download fitness apps on your phone and track your progress real time.

Hit those balls.  Sports buffs would love to know that there are badminton and table tennis rackets at Daiso Japan.  So keep fit and burn those calories using these gadgets at amazingly low prices!

Sports support.   Protect yourselves while hitting those balls or pounding the pavement with  knee and ankle support. Less injury means more time to keep fit.
Inspired to work out? Pick up these items at Daiso Japan and start your fitness journey this year for a better, healthier you.
In the Philippines, Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (RHHI) is the only authorized and exclusive retailer of Daiso merchandise and owns and manages all 59 authorized Daiso Japan stores in the country.

3 Easy tips on how to turn your leftovers into tasty dishes from King Sue

Wondering what to do with all that food that’s been sitting on the fridge after the holidays? Get creative with the help of King Sue Ham & Sausage Co., Inc., makers of quality meat products like ham and sausages for the past 85 years. Here are 3 easy tips on how to turn your leftovers into a tasty dish.

1.  Leftover ham is such a versatile ingredient you can practically create a hundred and one meals from it. Put together a quick carbonara dish by tossing together cubed ham, chopped garlic, sliced onions, and frozen peas into melted butter. Cook for one minute; stir in all-purpose cream and add cooked pasta. Cook for another 3 minutes until it’s done.

You can also include leftover ham in quesadillas, fresh vegetable salad, creamy chicken and ham chowder, and as topping on homemade pizza and backed mac and cheese.

2. With its smoky, salty flavor, chorizo can turn an ordinary frittata into a 5-star omelet! You can actually include your favorite vegetables like spinach and asparagus in this dish to make it healthier. Beat five eggs with parmesan, salt and pepper. Sauté ingredients like onions, mushrooms, spinach, and chopped leftover chorizo in melted butter. Pour egg mixture and stir until the egg mixture has set on the bottom. Remove from heat and bake in the oven for five minutes.

3.   Sausages are great on their own but if you have a surplus of these meaty bites, turn them into brand new meals with only a few additional ingredients. A perfect dish for your Hungarian sausages is a comforting potato and sausage soup. All you need are diced potatoes, chopped onion, diced tomatoes, bite-sized sausages, chicken stock, and sour cream. In a deep pan, simmer all ingredients except for the sausages in chicken stock for 15 minutes. Add sausages cook for another 10 minutes until potatoes are tender. Whisk in sour cream and season with salt and pepper. Garnish with chopped parsley.

Turning 86 this year,  King Sue Ham & Sausage Co. has been part of many Filipino celebrations and traditions, providing generations of families with high quality meat products that can be enjoyed any day of the year.

Aside from the signature hams, the company has expanded its product offerings over the years and now includes the popular Chorizo Bilbao, gourmet sausages, bacon, burgers, cold cuts, and Filipino favorites such as sisig, tocino, and corned beef.

Call 881-0530 364-5430, 376-6441 and +639199889642 for inquiries and orders, and check out FB IG Twitter @kingsueham or email Hashtags: #kingsueham #kingsue #ilovekingsue #cookingathome #philippines.  Also check out

Friday, January 13, 2017

Your STEAKation begins at McDonalds with their newest offering Mushroom Pepper Steak

I got an invite to try out McDonald's newest offering yesterday. I left the house at 10am with an empty stomach. When I got off at Ayala,  I took my brunch at McDonald's SM Makati before proceeding to McDonald's Forum. I asked for a breakfast meal, the service crew told me that they're not serving Breakfast meals at their branch. I opted for a Mushroom Pepper Steak which turned out to be delicious with the lavish and creamy mushroom sauce! Not to mention its affordable at Php55.  After my heavy breakfast I proceeded to McDonald's event and was surprised that Mushroom Pepper Steak was their newest meal. I hope that they would put this on their permanent menu. This one became my favorite right away,  next to their fries and Big Mac.

McDonald’s welcomes the New Year with the new Mushroom Pepper Steak! A welcome addition to McDonald’s range of filling and affordable rice meals, it features a juicy burger patty, smothered in a mushroom cream sauce with a hint of pepper, and topped off with sliced button mushrooms.

With the New Mushroom Pepper Steak, customers can enjoy a STEAKation wherever they are, may it be in their home or office. Taste the 1-pc Mushroom Pepper Steak with a regular drink for only Php55. It also comes as a 2-pc meal with a regular drink for only Php89 or with a McFreeze starting at Php69 for a 1-pc meal and Php 99 for a 2-pc meal.

Your STEAKation begins when you dine in at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide. You can also order the New Mushroom Pepper Steak via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app).

Share your photo of the day while leisurely enjoying your STEAKation with the new Mushroom Pepper Steak on Facebook, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram. 

UNIQLO JEANS: Evolution of Versatility

Global Japanese brand UNIQLO continues to make good lives of Filipinos better by offering a wide variety of denim designs made with high quality materials as it continues to pioneer the evolution of denim with the newly established Denim Innovation Center.

The updated denim line offers various styles, allowing both men and women to choose which piece best fits their lifestyles.

Women’s Denim Jeans Collection

UNIQLO Ultra Stretch jeans for women are made with an exclusive material that provides 50% stretch while retaining 90% shape recovery, resulting in a supportive fabric that hugs the body in all the right ways. Its unique fabric ensures a flattering silhouette while remaining soft and lightweight and comes in both regular and high rise ankle design.

UNIQLO Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Length jeans for women are on-trend, with a slim feminine silhouette and embellished with whiskering and fading in strategic areas. Cut above the ankle, it gives off a light, casual feel, perfect for a laid-back, effortlessly stylish look.

UNIQLO Skinny Fit Tapered jeans for women have a flattering leg that makes for a slim silhouette, with flexible denim material ensuring all-day comfort. It comes in both regular and ankle-cut design and regular and colored denim.

Men’s Denim Jeans Collection

UNIQLO Miracle AirRegular Fit Tapered jeansfor men arealso developed with internationally-acclaimed denim manufacturer,Kaihara, and aremade of uniquely hollow woven fibers that make it 20% lighter than the average pair of jeans. This innovative fabric also provides stretch, as air can pass through and around these fibers, for a soft, comfortable feel.  

UNIQLO Jogger Slim Fit jeans for men have ribbed cuffs that provide a low-key and sleek look perfect for an active lifestyle. Its elastic waistband creates a relaxed fit and allows superb ease of movement while its design features authentic denim fading and wear.

UNIQLO Slim Fit Straight Jeansfor men feature a basic, stripped down look essential for daily wear, and comes in regular, damaged, and colored styles. With a comfortable amount of stretch to ensure comfort and ease of movement and stylish rivets and buttons, it is the perfect pair for an active lifestyle.

UNIQLO Stretch Selvedge Slim Fit jeans for men are developed with internationally-acclaimed denim manufacturer, Kaihara, and feature a straight-leg cut.It is perfect for both every day casual style and slightly dressed up day. Its fabric fades after every wash, creating that perfect worn-in look and feel. It is made of 98% cotton and 1% spandex for a stretch fabric that allows easy movement.

UNIQLO Slim Fit jeans for men feature a basic, stripped down look essential for daily wear.It comes in regular denim, distresseddenim, and colored denim styles. With a comfortable amount of stretch to ensure comfort and ease of movement and stylish rivets and buttons, it is the perfect pair for an active lifestyle.

UNIQLO Stretch Skinny Fit Tapered jeans for men feature a sharp and stylish design. Its exceptional side-to-side and vertical stretch provides easy movement and comfortable fit, perfect for everyday wear. It comes in both regular and colored denim varieties and is an essential addition to any wardrobe.


Fast Retailing, UNIQLO’s parent company, establishes the DENIM INNOVATION CENTER in Los Angeles, California, new R&D center specializing in denim to further enhance the quality and value of UNIQLO jeans. The facility is a research hub that brings together specialists in jeans development utilizing innovative technologies and materials, based on the established tradition of jeans. One of the first projects for the facility will be research on jeans for UNIQLO.Products that will be developed in the center will be available from the fall winter 2017 season.

With a full range of in-house equipment for the entire production process, Fast Retailing will be able to quickly incorporate the essence of current trends in its designs. By focusing on the fit, fabric, and finish, the finished jeans will look exceptional while being comfortable.

For more updates, visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website at and social media accounts, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram ( 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Make Way for Blue Way

The up-and-coming band Blue Way—composed of Ace Agamata on guitar and vocals, Josh del Mundo on saxophone, Nathan Manansala on guitar, Paul Matcott on drums and Stephen Lachica on bass—are ready and raring to bring something new to the local music scene. As of this writing, they’re putting the finishing touches on their debut EP, which features six original songs written by Ace himself.

Ace describes Blue Way’s music as blues (hence the band’s name) with a little bit of classic rock and soul thrown in for good measure. Although he admits that blues isn’t a very well-known genre in these parts, Ace and his band mates believe they do have what it takes to win the hearts and ears of the public.

Nathan says, “Blues isn’t too far from rock, so I think it’s just a matter of having catchy songs with good lyrics. The musicians in the local blues scene are really talented and the blues scene itself is still growing. So if artists from the blues scene will be able to bring their songs to the masa, then maybe the genre will become more popular.”

“Some of our songs have the OPM feel, but the way we approached them is from a blues perspective. If you listen to our EP, you’ll see na parang kundiman yung melody and structure nung ibang kanta namin. So even if our approach or genre is foreign, Pinoy na Pinoy pa rin ang dating ng mga kanta namin,”Ace adds.

Blue Way’s music isn’t the only thing that’s foreign yet very Filipino at the same time. While three of its members were born and raised in the Philippines, the other two spent their formative years and then some in Australia and the USA. Even so, they’re all Pinoy at heart.

Ace, Nathan and Stephen first started playing together in 2014. “At first I started the band with two other guys, tapos naging busy yung bassist namin, so we had to find a replacement for him. That was when Stephen came on board. Nathan joined us a year later,” Ace says. “As for Paul, he used to do session work for us whenever our previous drummer wasn’t available for gigs, so when we needed a new drummer, Paul was our first choice.”

Josh is the baby of the band in more ways than one. (“I’m the newest addition and the youngest member,” he says.) But he quickly adds that he didn’t find it hard to gel with the rest of them—same as Paul, even though the drummer is the oldest member of the band. Long before he married a Filipina named Brenda and settled in Manila with her in 2010, Paul lived and worked in his native Australia as a music teacher. He says he didn’t have trouble adjusting to life in the Philippines because all the people are so nice, especially his band mates.

“They’re the kind of guys you can just sit down and have a beer with,” Paul explains. “They’re very easygoing. Actually, Filipinos in general are very friendly, so I found the transition from my hometown of Victoria to here easy to make.”

That easygoing vibe is reflected in how they work with each other. For example, Ace is the chief songwriter of the band, so he usually starts a song then presents a rough cut of it to the rest of the band. Although Ace is more than capable of finishing a song by himself, he prefers to enlist Josh, Nathan, Paul and Stephen to help him do so. According to the members of Blue Way, cooperation is crucial to their success.

“Sometimes he’ll have the whole song in mind, so he’ll just tell us how he thinks the bass, drums, guitar, or saxophone should sound. We’ll make a few suggestions and then we’ll run through the song once or twice just to try it out,” Nathan shares.

The band’s first single is titled “Simbang Gabi,” and Ace wrote it about his wife. “I wrote it four years ago, mga December yata. My wife works at night kasi for an American bank, and at the time matagal na kaming hindi nakaka-attend ng Simbang Gabi, so I wrote that song kasi miss kona magsimba na kasama siya.”

The song “Simbang Gabi” may not sound like most of the songs playing on Philippine radio these days, but Ace believes even the masa will find it relatable because it’s about a universal subject—missing someone you love. Ace says the rest of the tracks on Blue Way’s upcoming EP (“Long Legged Woman,” “The Doctor,” “Romansa Blues,” “My Woman” and “Eleksyon Na Naman”) are just as relatable.

The second that Blue Way band is promoting now is "Long-Legged Woman."

“Whether you’re happy or you’re sad, our songs can be the soundtrack of your life.You can play them when you want to relax, when you want to dance and have fun at a party, or if you want to impress your date. Our songs reflect what happens in people’s lives—which is actually what influences my songwriting. Everyday life lang,” he says.

According to Ace, he and his band mates are determined to introduce blues to the masa because doing so is their way of revitalizing the OPM scene. There are a lot of people doing hip-hop, pop and rock these days. More and more Filipino artists are getting into EDM as well. But no one has been able to bring blues to the mainstream yet, and that’s exactly what Blue Way plans to do.

“I think, with our songs, we write and record partly because we want to express ourselves,” Ace says. “We can actually always go on and rather be known for playing a lot of instrumental jams and covers of classic songs since that’s the common public perception of blues artists; but that’s not what Blue Way is all about.We also consciously write original songs that other people can relate to, because that’s our main objective as a band. We want to share and promote Philippine blues and contribute to make it a permanent part of OPM.”

There you have it. Make way for Blue Way!