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Friday, April 28, 2017

Easy, Breezy Summer Staycation Tips from King Sue

From family bonding activities to cookfests with friends, KING SUE has some suggestions for a cool summer staycation that’s breezy and stress-free.

Prepare an afternoon potluck party.  Dress up your garden and schedule a mouth-watering kind of meet up with friends. King Sue suggests snacks that are easy to prepare.

A refreshing Mango Sausage Salsa Wrap is a great start. Since it’s summer, get fresh mangoes from the market and dice them, along with ripe tomatoes and grilled King Sue German Franks or King Sue Hungarian Style Sausage.
Arrange everything in toasted tortillas for a sweet and savory Southwestern wrap. You may also stir fry some King Sue Bacon and wrap them around steamed asparagus and you have skewered Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.

Go out and be green. You may want to do a morning walk at a nearby park or bike-hop to some museums. Be a tourist in your own neighborhood and discover new places to jog in the morning or  where to walk your dog. Visit a plant shop and purchase some herbs for your pocket garden or if you want a low maintenance hobby this summer, seek out some succulents and learn to grow them. Who knows, you might even use these herbs for a Mayo-free Potato Salad.

Check out the supermarket for baby potatoes, plain yoghurt, sour cream, chopped celery, olives, chopped celery, scallions, quail eggs (sliced in half) and lemon juice.

Boil, and quarter the potatoes and toss in everything. The star of the salad bowl is cooked  King Sue Chorizo Bilbao. Chill and sprinkle some grated cheese and chopped parsley.

Camp out. Check out your friends’ backyards and decide which one is perfect for a campfire night. Assign each person some tasks, making sure someone takes care of pitching the tents, making the bonfire, choosing the music and preparing dinner, and organizing games and other activities. Purchase some chips and refreshing drinks and  forget the King Sue Old English Pork Sausage that will be perfect to skewer with marshmallows over bonfire.

Repeat often. Life is busy and oftentimes, work or school gets in the way of spending time with family and friends. So summer or no summer, make every weekend a great reason for a staycation as there are lots of things waiting to be explored. Use King Sue products in your food adventures, they are the best ingredients to any meal.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Although my Tatay had been a longtime wrestling fan, from the days of Hulk Hogan in the late 80's, The Rock, Stone Cold and Attitude Era, to the current generation of wrestlers, I was never a fan of WWE until a couple of years ago because of two words--ROMAN REIGNS.

It was actually my partner who introduced me to Roman (through the TV of course) and while he was cutting a promo (wrestlespeak for a monologue) the camera zoomed in on his face... and as he looked into the camera, I felt those beautiful eyes of him looking straight at me as if begging me to watch him every week.

And I did. 

I stayed up late because of WWE RAW, just to watch him, I would clap and cheer everytime he lands a Spear or hits one of his Superman punches,and I would shout and curse whenever Braun Strowman or any other heel would beat up my dear dear Mr. Reigns.

So imagine my disappointment when I heard that the WWE contract with the local cable channel expired. 

Thankfully their absence was just short, as TV5 yesterday announced that  they will be broadcasting WWE’s flagship program SmackDown in the Philippines. 

Roman Reigns might not be there, but at least I would still get to see my other fave--the Phenomenal One AJ Styles.

Beginning Sunday, April 30. TV5 will televise a one-hour edition of SmackDown on at 3PM. 

WWE Fans will be able to follow their favorite WWE Superstars on SmackDown, including John Cena, The New Day, WWE Champion Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, etc..

In addition to the broadcast on TV5, SmackDown will be simulcast online at and

“TV5 shares our vision and desire for engaging and entertaining fans in the Philippines,” said Ed Wells, WWE Executive Vice President, International. “This new partnership to televise SmackDown showcases the continuing global growth of WWE while creating a destination for WWE fans in the Philippines to enjoy our unique blend of action-packed, family fun entertainment.”

TV5 President Chot Reyes added: "In the industry of sports entertainment, WWE is second to none. It’s a proven, successful, model organization and an esteemed, iconic brand. We at TV5 are honored and excited to be the platform that delivers the WWE to the free TV audience."

Coach Chot said a lot of the TV5 execs were fans of the WWE so they really wanted to bring it to free TV, and promised that unlike most of its international shows, WWE Smackdown would not be dubbed in Tagalog. 

He also hinted the possibility of maybe even bringing in Raw if there is a strong demand from viewers, so let us all keep our fingers crossed.

For more information on TV5's sports programs, along with its entertainment, news, and gaming content, visit

Meet The Orange Lady: Joby Linsangan Moreno

If Chris de Burgh played with a lot of men's imagination because of the song  "Lady in Red" and Molly Ringwald became a household name as the woman who was "Pretty In Pink," Joby Linsangan Moreno wants to be remembered as the lady who helped women look their best as The Orange Lady.

And now that she's signed up with the Asian Artists Agency Inc, expect Ms. Moreno to be spread the good word about hair care and entrepreneurial success.

AAAI is developing personalities that go beyond the conventional definition of an artist.  And Joby is one that can positively influence people through her success in business. And she inspires dreamers like her to attain their lofty goals.

"Running a business is not merely a way of earning money. It's about putting your heart and soul to something you are passionate about. It is your path to growing and glowing," shared Joby who finished a course in medical technology and is a licensed medical technologist. After graduation, she worked in a local hospital in her hometown Cabanatuan, before answering the calling of her heart.

Joby is the creator of the Orange Blush Salon chain, which started as a small parlor in Cabanatuan and has now 20 outlets spread out in Luzon. It is bound to take Metro Manila by storm after last year's opening of its state-of-the-art flagship branch in Quezon City that was put up as a haven for franchisees.

OBS is a premier stop for affordable haircut and hair rebond service, capturing the 18-40 market of young professionals, young mothers, or just about everyone attuned to the ever-trendy straight hair fashion. While Joby owns half of the existing OBS outlets to date, business players diversifying their opportunity approach tend to like it as good investment or avenue to earn more. More importantly, it is a result-oriented place warmly extending beauty care service to people.

Four years after the franchisee tandem of Atty. Sherwin Tuquero and wife Ciara Bernadette put up an OBS outlet-- the first branded salon to open up in the close-knit community of Victoria, Tarlac, the small town now happily enjoys the constant presence of hair and nail care professionals and the privilege of not having a bad hair day.

A new branch opening in Lipa, Batangas is likewise expected to get that emphatic effect among its townsfolk.

She shared, "We specialize in post-service treatment because it's one way to know if you're constantly doing a good job. If a customer comes back to make use of our warranty offer, which basically means an extra round of service free of charge, it's a chance to prove that for us, the bottomline is really to satisfy clients."

No doubt carrying the moniker "The Orange Lady” sounds cool to Joby, a devoted wife who married her first and only boyfriend in life and a caring mother of three who does mother duties first before giving back her focus on the business. Besides, it's her favorite color and the one thing that quickly differentiates it from other salons.

"The orange color makes me happy. It is not too aggressive like red or too relaxing like yellow. It imbues tranquility, energy, and youthfulness," she explained.

Good point. She related how she needed to hire young people to work for OBS during the start-up years, how she had to learn the art of hair cutting and coloring and attend seminars herself, and how being a businesswoman entails hard work way past the eight-hour regular job.

But she endured everything, from the birth pains of a then-unknown business name to her continuing quest to turn Orange Blush into a national brand. She has pretty much achieved it with peace in her heart, believing she is destined to do this and knowing that problems will always be solved, especially for people making solutions.

One of these solutions is her CSR project wherein she partners with TESDA in creating the Orange Institute of Fashion and the Arts. Here, scholars are guided to learning the technicalities of salon work and given certificates of competency that should give them the door key to working for OBS.

Joby stated, "We put up a training school for would-be salon professionals as our way of teaching kids how to fish. When you can deeply relate yourself to a business you want to go into, it gives you a sense of being. Back in the day I wanted to color my hair myself. I probably knew I wanted to be in the beauty care service business ever since I started combing my hair. After a while I decided I couldn't be in a medicine laboratory, I have to be in a salon!"

To be exact a salon that blushes and so orange, like her.

For more info, please visit and / or call (02) 885-4765 or (02) 405-4423.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Its PLAY time at Ayala Malls

This summer, kick off your office shoes and put away your school uniforms as Ayala Malls becomes your most exciting playground!  Inviting you into its playful spaces and inspiring you with new, wonderful experiences, Ayala Malls redefines PLAY time, and helps you create beautiful memories with family and friends with its slew of summer activities. Whether you’re a tiny tot, tween or adult, Ayala Malls gives you amazing opportunities to explore, engage, share and have fun! This April to June, find new reasons to leave your home and revel in life outside!

ShopkinsShoppies Live: Just For Kids

Ayala Malls tickles your tiny tots’ imagination with the Shopkins Shoppies X Play. Let the kids meet their fave characters as the hit YouTube stars, Shopkins Shoppies, take   center stage in their Premiere 30-minute Live Musical Show. Catch the live interactive shows at Glorietta (April 21-23; 2PM, 4PM and 6PM), Market! Market! (April 28-30; 1PM, 3PM and 5PM) TriNoma (May 5-7; 2PM, 4PM and 6PM), Alabang Town Center (May 12-14; 11:30AM, 3PM and 6PM), Solenad (May 19-21; 11AM, 3PM and 6PM) and Harbor Point (May 26-28; 11AM, 3PM and 6PM).

Rugby Clinics: The Tough Get Going

After a year of sitting still in the classroom, get your heart racing with a little high-adrenaline contact sport – Rugby. Rugby is the latest sport to be re-included into the summer Olympics, and this summer you can be taught by our very own national rugby team, the Philippine Volcanoes.

In cooperation as well with the Phil. Rugby Association, the Globe Volcanoes Junior Rugby Clinics will help your kids bulk up and fuel their competitive spirit. In addition to building confidence and stamina, kids can build camaraderie with fellow young athletes. Sign them up for the clinics held at Glorietta, Solenad and Legazpi (May 7), The 30th (May 14), Alabang Town Center (May 21), Market! Market! andAbreeza (May 28), TriNoma and MarQuee (June 4), Ayala Center Cebu (June 11), UP Town Center and Harbor Point (June 18) and Circuit Makati (June 25).

Ultimate Summer Squad: Fun with Friends


How tight is your squad? This summer, Ayala Malls tests your teamwork with the ultimate #Squadgoals challenge. The Ultimate Summer Squad adventure puts your friends and family through several fun challenges in a game-show inspired playground. Compete in this high-energy race that tests your wits, strength and stamina. Giant inflatables, wacky ‘Minute to Win It’ games, and wild card activities are just some of the exciting obstacles that you will need to pass! Join now and get the chance to win big with the ultimate group summer getaway – (First Place) a 3D/2N stay in Casa Kalaw, El Nido, Palawan  with airfare for four; (Second Place) a 3D/2N stay at Balay Cogon, Sicogon with airfare; and (Third Place) an overnight stay at Seda Hotel Nuvali and a full day pass at Republic Wake Park Nuvali.

 Register at and see you at Market! Market! (May 6-7), Circuit Makati (May 13-14), Vertis North (May 20-21), Solenad (May 27-28) and MarQuee (June 3).

 BillboardPH Music Trip: Music That Moves

Another means to let off steam is to bust a groove on the dance floor. At Playsound: The BillboardPH Music Trip, Ayala Malls takes you on a musical journey, tracing the evolution of your favorite beats and rhythms from the swinging ‘60s, disco era,‘80s pop, ‘90s grunge and beyond!  Travel through time and reminisce, learn, and PLAY! The Playground will have digital exhibits, interactive music charts and games, a special live show, videos, a unique photo booth, and more. PlaySound is for all ages and music fans, so enjoy a music-filled weekend at Trinoma (May 13-14), Glorietta (May 20-21), and Alabang Town Center (May 27-28).

PGF: Game On!

For many, instead of the great outdoors, they prefer spending their free time battling it out in the virtual world. The country’s most talented gamers will come together on April 28-30 at TriNoMa for the Pinoy Game Fest. Be with kindred spirits and share your love for online games. Hosted by Globe, the Pinoy Game Fest will bring together more than 15,000 gamers, making it one of the biggest gatherings of enthusiasts. So put on your head gear and see you at the digital arena!

Snap a Pic: Pose & Play
Post pics or it didn’t happen! On April 21, Ayala Malls will set up quirky art installations to help bring your summer selfies and groufies to life. Play with colorful sets and have fun putting together your Instagram-worthy photo shoot. You never know, you just might become the next viral hit!

With Ayala Malls’ PLAY, discover the numerous definitions of fun.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Goldi-Good Time at the Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day

Back in my days, summer was all about going out--not out to party but to play out in the streets with friends, under the scorching heat of the sun. We chased each other, played tumbang preso, skipping rope, piko, syato, sipa, Step No, patintero etc..

If there was a downside to all the high tech devices our children could easily get their hands on, with Youtube as their nanny and all the installed games on their gadgets, playing those traditional games have become the stuff of parties, fiestas and even TV show games.

That is why as part of its 50th year celebration, Goldilocks Bakeshop brought back and introduced to these young kids several pinoy games at the Junior Club Fun Day held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena Music Hall, last week.

Early in the day, registered Goldilocks Junior Club members received a free shirt, meals, and other freebies when they arrived. The festivities prompted curious onlookers to sign up for a membership and avail of its numerous perks.

Event host and sports broadcasting personality Chiqui Reyes was on hand to make sure that the program went smoothly, providing fun and excitement for everyone.

A notable theme throughout the entire day was the emphasis on classic Filipino childhood games. Indeed, particIpants and members of the audience were able to reconnect with their Filipino heritage through games like sipa, tumbang preso, and piko, which brought back fond memories of playing outside on the street with friends.

“At a time when most kids’ idea of fun is to be isolated in a virtual world of screens and games, Goldilocks wanted to remind them about the joy of group interaction and physical play,” noted Goldilocks Marketing Director Cherry Caluya. “These larong Pinoy form a delightful part of our Filipino customs, and today’s children will greatly benefit from learning them,” she added.

In addition to the classic Pinoy games, attendees were entertained by the Bearkada Bears, who had a dance number and a photo session with the crowd.  Members were also able to participate in a DYC (Decorate Your Cake) session, and join in on a traditional pabitin game with cool prizes and goodies.

The country’s number one bakeshop made sure that the Goldilocks Junior Club Fun Day was a day to remember for everyone.

For more information about the Goldilocks Junior Club, log on to, or join the conversation through Facebook or Twitter via GoldilocksPH

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Starbucks Teavana Full Leaf Tea Sachets: Perfect for every mood

A cup of tea is a cup of peace. ~Soshitsu Sen XV

The first thing that I grab before going to bed at night is a hot cup of youthberry from Starbucks Teavana. It calms and relaxing plus I love the taste. Inspired by super fruits, this drink blends acai fruit with tropical pineapple and mango flavors with high quality white tea. I love its aroma.  It is definitely a key to a perfect night sleep. I always have a stock of Starbucks Teavana Full Leaf Tea Sachets in the kitchen.

These days, we all need a little down time at home to recharge from our hectic work schedule. With everything going at a fast pace, sometimes we need to just stop and reflect on how we should go about our day and our responsibilities. Good thing, one of the most refreshing and soothing drinks from Starbucks, the Starbucks Teavana, can also be enjoyed at home.

Immerse yourself in a modern tea experience in the comfort of your own home with Starbucks Teavana Full Leaf Tea Sachets. Here are some of Teavana variants perfect for every mood:

1. When you need a refreshing drink.
Hibiscus Herbal Blend’s bright tropical notes of juicy papaya and mango combined with citrus lemongrass makes for a refreshing naturally caffeine-free blend. Aside from being an invigorating drink with a slight tartness, it also has extraordinarily deep fuschia color coming from the Hibiscus flowers that makes it more exciting.

2. When you need to slow down and unwind. Emperor’s Cloud & Mist is not your ordinary green tea. It is exclusively harvested during the month of April and grown 3,500ft above sea level on the steep, windy slopes of Huangshan Mountain in China. With a rich body and a naturally sweet flavor, this drink is pleasant to the palate and perfect for those moments when you just want to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. When you need a renewed sense of purpose.
Sometimes, life gets the best of us. With all of the things that we need to do at the office or at home we often find ourselves worn out. For times like these, Starbucks Teavana white tea blend, the Youthberry is perfect. Inspired by super fruits, this drink blends acai fruit with tropical pineapple and mango flavors with high quality white tea, this refreshingly delicious drink is perfect for moments of contemplation and relaxation.

4. For those perfect mornings.
If you want to start the day right, the English Breakfast Black Tea is the one to pick.  A handcrafted blend of Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Ceylon and Chinese black tea, this full-bodied tea with rich and malty undertones is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty breakfast and can be taken with or without milk.

Enjoy a modern tea experience for every mood in the comfort of your home. Starbucks Teavana Full Leaf Tea Sachets are available in boxes of 12 in all Starbucks stores nationwide.

DERMAX Professional helps fight aging and promotes even-toned skin

Many consider the skin on our faces as one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and yet it is one of the most exposed. Our face is exposed daily to harmful UV rays from the sun, pollution from different sources in our surroundings, and can even be affected by internal factors such as stress.

Because of its inherent sensitivity, many beauty experts are deeply concerned about whatever product goes on their face. It really pays to know what ingredients go on our skin to keep our faces looking young and revitalized. Because using strong chemicals can be very detrimental to our skin and may do us more harm than good in the long run.

This has led more people to search for natural beauty products that are made from food material or organic sources to ensure that it does not negatively impact those who use it. One of the materials that is gaining popularity with the beauty-conscious is peptides.

One of the ingredients that has been gaining popularity among the beauty conscious is peptide. Peptides are a type of amino acids, often regarded as the building block of protein which makes up our skin. Peptides, specifically, are short chain amino acids. And because peptides are smaller and shorter they are perfect to be applied directly on our skin because it can go down to the deeper layers of the skin and aid in skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

Different types of peptides can help in addressing some of the most common skin problems, from effectively smoothing out wrinkles, increasing firmness and hydration, to repairing the skin's natural barrier functions—peptide is a very potent ingredient.

This regenerative power of a proprietary blend of advanced peptides is now available here in the country through DERMAX Professional. DERMAX Professional comes in an airless injection packaging in two variants: anti-aging and whitening.

DERMAX Advanced Peptide Whitening Serum lightens the skin through a proprietary blend of advanced peptide complex with whitening and antioxidant ingredients that promise to even out skin tone while enhancing protection of the skin. Meanwhile, DERMAX Advanced Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Serum has advanced peptide complex partnered with protective ingredients that help in regaining skin elasticity and boost the natural production of collagen.

For more information regarding DERMAX Professional, visit SkinStation or DERMAX Laser Center branches nationwide.